OnePrep Features

Easy access to Video Lectures

Get easy access to video lectures with OnePrep. We follow an interactive, and conceptual method of teaching with the help of HD video lectures. These will help you to remain focused on the goal and enable you to retain all that you have studied.


Being well aware of the important topics play a major role in cracking the JEE, or NEET exam. That is where OnePrep’s treasures come They are your handy source of study material which includes the important topics asked in the exam, all in one place.

Handwritten notes

Who doesn’t like colored handwritten notes to beat the monotony of exam preparation? OnePrep’s exam preparation notes are made, keeping you in mind. Our subject wise notes will help you to study effectively for your JEE, or NEET exam.

Mock Tests

Mock tests prepared by our Dream team will help boost your confidence and overcome mistakes. Have access to a wide range of practice tests that will help you achieve a top rank in your JEE or NEET entrance exam.

High Yield QBank

We assure you the best, high yielding entrance exam questions which are written and certified by our Dream Team. OnePrep’s QBank will enable you to develop understanding, review and revise your topics.

Overall Performance Analysis

OnePrep’s adaptive software in the app will analyze your exam preparation by giving you a review of the number of modules completed, videos watched, exams attempted and much more.