We are OnePrep

We are Obsessed with Your Dreams & Your Success

You are at the center of everything we do.Your success is our business; it’s what we think about day in, day out, sometimes even in our dreams. We are working ceaselessly, tirelessly, obsessively to find solutions to the challenges you face on the path to your dreams. We have created a reliable digital education platform especially for aspiring CAs like you. And now every day, we strive to make it better, bigger, and even more amazing. We are OnePrep. We are your one true preparation and learning partner for CA Intermediate and Final.

Student First

In everything we do, our students always come first. When faced with a tough choice, we choose the path that would best benefit you - our students. We never deviate from our fundamental goal: Empower Students. Everything else will follow.

Be Bold. Have No Fear.

We don’t want you to fear anything, including failure. So, we can’t be afraid of anything either. We believe in action. When faced with problems, we look for solutions. Challenges, roadblocks, walls, mountains - they can all be overcome, will and perseverance are all we need.

Learn. Evolve. Adapt.

You are smart. So are we. And as smart people we know there’s always scope for improvement. Perfection is a myth. But we are obsessed with it. Try, try again. Get better, become the best and then strive to become better than the best. Keep going.

The Right Way or No Way

There are no shortcuts to success. It’s a long road with curves and bumps, speed breakers and even ditches, you have to face it all and so will we. We have set high standards for ourselves and for you because we know your caliber and ours.

Own Your Dream

Most people are afraid to dream big. So they have to settle for less. We believe you aren’t one of them. We know you’re willing to go after your dreams, put in the sweat and blood it takes and make your dream life a reality.
You choose CA, didn’t you?

But it can be hard to chase your dreams, if you don’t know what steps to take. That’s where we come in.

We don't just show you the path you must take to realize your dreams but offer you the best resources to turn the dream into reality. All we ask from you is this: Hold yourself accountable for your Dreams.

It’s going to be well worth it. We’re prepared to help you.

Are you ready to Own Your Dream?

Purpose of Our Existence

Every student, everywhere, reaches their highest potential.

Talent is everywhere. Opportunity isn’t. That’s why we created OnePrep. So far only the privileged get access to the best teachers and support systems. But OnePrep is here to challenge the status quo. Every individual student, regardless of his level or location, will get the opportunity to learn from the country’s best educators using the best learning material, through our online platform.

Our goal is simple: democratize education to such an extent that each and every individual student can learn from the best faculty in the country, using the best learning material, all from the convenience of their homes.

What makes us different?

The EdTech market is noisy and crowded. But everyone is focusing on the wrong things.

You see, the real differentiator in Edtech is the Education, not the technology. And that’s exactly where our priorities lie. We put great emphasis on creating the best, most valuable content, and replicating the feel of an offline institute.

Our real forte is quality education. Technology is just the enabler.